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Toby Baker Artist’s statement:

I am an artist who is completely entranced by the sparkle.

When I first saw the magic of dichroic glass imbedded in clear glass I was hooked.  Beginning with some lessons from local glass artists in Ohio in 2005, I soon invested in my own kiln and library of glass.

I approach the creation of each piece of fused glass jewelry as a tiny abstract painting.  I never use molds as I want the kiln and the glass to be active partners in each unique creation.  Even when I’m trying to match earrings in size and design, they are never exactly the same—more similar to a “variation on a theme.”

When you select a piece of Whimsical fused glass jewelry by Toby Baker you know that each was created one at a time, a joint effort between the artist, the kiln and the glass—totally unique and individual. Toby Baker Pendants