Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 8.36.45 AMMadison and Main artist Toby Baker demonstrated her fused glass process at 1st Friday in February.  Toby has an interesting blog post to share:

“As I write on this glorious sunny day in February, I am on THIS side of two opening receptions for two different galleries, The Art and Heritage Center in Windsor and Madison and Main Gallery in Greeley.

AND, I am on THIS side of an artist’s demonstration on fused glass jewelry at Madison and Main and an artist’s talk and workshop on found art at the Art and Heritage Center…

In addition to many friends who read my blogs and wanted to know how my two January opening receptions went, I also have a dear friend ask, What makes a good art reception?  

It made me pause and consider my response.

Since last September I have had the privilege to be an artist in seven opening receptions. None, fortunately, have been disasters (sigh of relief!) but some have definitely been better than others.  So, based on my previous career that included event planning and my current experience in attending opening receptions, here are my thoughts.

What makes a good art reception?

1.  Do your best to insure the best attendance possible…

2.  Make sure everyone coming into the gallery or exhibit space is greeted…”

Toby lists 9 things  – read the full post on Toby’s Blog –

And add your comments about art reception dos and don’ts here. 🙂