by Susan Smallwood Herold

excerpted from The Greeley Tribune – January 28, 2016

Madison and Main Gallery was open for business on New Years Day, so l chose to stop and visit longtime friends. It was a quiet evening, not as crowded as 1st Friday can be, which gave me an opportunity to take a closer look at the artwork. Usually I try to focus on local artists for this article, but a guest artist’s work caught my attention. Heather Myers is from Fort Collins and was in attendance, so I was able to meet her. She does Botanical art. Her drawings are meticulous, sparse and elegant in presentation. I heard Myers tell another patron she likes to work with native plants. She has at least three pieces in the gallery that are small and intimate —one being the drawing of a radish plant. You have to get close to her art to appreciate the technique. A larger p1ece created with colored pencils, “Marta’s Sunflower” is beautiful. The sparseness of her work and her eye for detail keeps the focus on the plant. I dreamed about planting my garden in the spring after viewing her work.

A second artist showing at Madison and Main is Danyelle Butler. I first saw Butler’s work at the Atlas down a bit on 16th Street. She made tea mugs with legs made of up-side down thimbles. Since I am often using needle and thread, I immediately responded to these mugs and purchased three. What caught my attention was a piece with a small bird on a branch. This is a small piece about the size of a small bowl. I purchased it right away. Butler’s art surprises us. She experiments. which is something I look for in an artist.Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 3.45.06 PM

Madison and Main sits at the comer of 16th Street and 10th Avenue. It is a lovely gallery with a broad selection of quality artwork. This show is up through February 26th.

Two other shows I want to mention are “Elemental” at the Tointon Gallery in the Union Colony Civic Center, 651 10th Ave., and the “Magic from Mountains to Prairie” at Mari Michener Gallery in the Michener Library on the campus of the University of Northern Colorado, where there is free parking on weekends and after S p.m. on weekdays.

“Elemental”  is a thoughtful show. If you are homeschooling and need an art lesson I would certainly take your students. The five artists involved and the curator have created a stimulating art experience…This is a beautiful art lesson for all to learn from. The “Elemental” show is up through February 16th.

Madison and Main note:  M&M Gallery member Dan Augenstein and consignment artist Colleen Martin were part of the team that put together “Elemental” and have work in the show.  Highly recommended