Meanwhile at our monthly co-op meeting, we got stuff handled!



Welcome to our Artists’ Coop Gallery!

Susan Anderson – ceramics
Lisa Arata – mixed media
Rodney Barnes – ceramics
Danyelle Butler – ceramics
Tony Clough – Jewelry, ceramics (member emeritus)
Susan Haskins – painting
Judy Hotz – jewelry
Gin Leuchter – mixed media
Dolly Palmer – jewelry & watercolors

Associate Members:
Dan Augenstein – painting
Toby Baker – jewelry & photography
Bruce Barrie – ceramics
Cornelia Davis – pastels
Jim Klingman – ceramics
Glenn Lewis – photography
Mary Fladung – ceramics
Cynthia Price Reedy – painting & mixed media
Rochelle Sage – ceramics
Ann Sherley – painting
Keith Clements–photography

We also feature 33 Consignment Artists and work from guest artists for every new show

M&M pano east view